217 Ideas To Try This 2017: Jumpstarting Your Revolution

Those who work in start-ups, coworking spaces, or small businesses are well aware that there is always room for improvement. For some people, the new year provides the little push we need to start a new hobby, pick up a new routine, or cut out a less than beneficial behavior. If you’re still racking your brain for a resolution for you or your business, below are 217 ideas to help you jumpstart your resolution!

  1. Schedule times to stand up periodically
  2. Or, resolve to sit less throughout the day
  3. Tune-up social media
  4. Unplug a little earlier in the day
  5. Create non-negotiable, scheduled time to complete the important tasks
  6. Keep a tidy desk
  7. Establish a gratitude ritual
  8. Tag people and brands for more reach on your social media
  9. Use the insights option on Facebook
  10. Consider putting a side a small “fun budget” for the office to increase morale
  11. Identify your procrastination source
  12. Control your physical clutter
  13. Control your virtual clutter
  14. Schedule 10-15 minutes a day to declutter – desk, inbox, etc
  15. Try adopting the “if it’s not on your schedule, it doesn’t exist” mantra
  16. Design your own 30-day challenge
  17. Set a timer and work in bursts of 25 minutes with 5-minute breaks in between
  18. Wake up early
  19. Go to sleep early
  20. Plan your day the night before
  21. Replace “what’s wrong” with “tell me more”
  22. Cut the cable
  23. Take action towards a new goal
  24. Eat to win
  25. Reward yourself
  26. Challenge yourself physically
  27. Follow a task list
  28. Don’t check email all day
  29. Automate when you can
  30. Reduce information consumption
  31. Meditate
  32. Tackle the miserable tasks first
  33. Give yourself a break
  34. Have some quiet time everyday
  35. Alternate NPR and your favorite songs during the commute
  36. Start a podcast for your commute
  37. Set mini “goals” for the day
  38. Go off the grid for a day
  39. Use Sunday to evaluate your own performance the past week
  40. Start using a free, printable day-planner
  41. Review and update your address book
  42. Prioritize tasks
  43. Break big jobs into small tasks
  44. Make sure you’re living your top priorities
  45. Group similar tasks together
  46. Give yourself deadlines
  47. Include a small step towards your big goal every day
  48. Drink more water
  49. Organize the following day before bed
  50. Get a workout in
  51. Be grateful
  52. Donate old clothes
  53. Check kickstarter to stay excited about the future
  54. Balance bad news with good news, 1:2 ratio
  55. Develop a consistent morning routine
  56. Try free stock trading on RobinHood
  57. Invest more in your relationships
  58. Get feedback from customers
  59. Be consistent
  60. Analyze your competition
  61. Change up your personal bio
  62. Update your resume
  63. Clean up you personal budget
  64. Get organized
  65. Aim for progress not perfection
  66. Have fun and be unique with your work
  67. Write a stop-doing list
  68. Don’t focus on past performance
  69. Clean out your closet
  70. Resolve to read more
  71. Learn a new hobby
  72. Surround yourself with people who share similar goals
  73. Reward yourself when making achievements
  74. Use a beginners mind
  75. Get a fresh point of view
  76. Attend new networking/ business seminars
  77. Research work and life culture of a foreign country
  78. Start blogging
  79. Lead by inspiring
  80. Never be normal
  81. Find your purpose
  82. Change the scenery around you
  83. Don’t stop trying
  84. Clean out your filing cabinet
  85. Take a look at what can be uploaded to g-drive from your work drawer
  86. Try new food
  87. Invest in yourself
  88. Try team building experiences
  89. Bring energy to your work
  90. Keep your customers informed on what your company is doing
  91. Value your support network
  92. Invest in the right people
  93. Search for a mentor
  94. Go to Dobbins point on South Mountain
  95. Go to Brew and Books
  96. Become an expert in your field
  97. Check out a local museum
  98. Schedule moments in the year to write down 5 to 10 things you’re grateful for
  99. Do a mental check – are your thoughts more positive or negative?
  100. Start using cash more for budgeting purposes
  101. Learn how to make Starbucks at work and home
  102. Try doing your favorite restaurant dishes at home
  103. Pay down any debt
  104. Establish a 6 month emergency fund
  105. Track how you spend your time and evaluate as needed
  106. For 100 days stop multitasking
  107. Create a list of your easiest, healthiest, go-to meals
  108. Try easy meal prepping
  109. Take lunch to work at least 1-2x a week
  110. Start a potluck day at work (DeskHub’s is every third Thursday)
  111. Make a healthy snack drawer at work
  112. Consciously look for something positive in your partner, everyday for a month
  113. Consciously look for something positive in your coworker for a month
  114. Walk for 5 minutes after lunch everyday
  115. Make it a point to get fresh air everyday at work
  116. Try checking emails outside on your phone at work for some sunshine
  117. Do one kind deed everyday, no matter how small
  118. Practice active listening
  119. Re-read an old favorite book
  120. Re-watch an old favorite movie
  121. Take more photos
  122. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while once a month
  123. Organize a clothing swap at work or at home
  124. Celebrate office birthdays
  125. Eat your lunch at a park
  126. Travel more
  127. Listen to your favorite music more
  128. Reduce fast food consumption
  129. Help others see that long work days backfire for people and companies
  130. Cut back on alcohol
  131. Get more sleep
  132. Contribute more (or something) to retirement
  133. Reconnect with an old friend
  134. Learn a language
  135. Stop eating sweets
  136. Get your estate planned
  137. Volunteer
  138. Sign up for a DeskHub community emails
  139. Visit the Grand Canyon
  140. Hike on Camelback
  141. Plan a company hike on Camelback
  142. Plan more company events
  143. Celebrate work birthdays
  144. Let go of toxic employees
  145. Keep the office clean and comfortable
  146. Take a look at what can be updated around the office
  147. Evaluate the lighting in your office
  148. Consider wearing computer glasses
  149. Eat together
  150. Be open for feedback
  151. Ask your employees or coworkers what they think can be improved
  152. Identify your nervous tick
  153. Consider picking up an instrument again
  154. Cultivate your social media presence
  155. Stick to a design theme for your business social media
  156. Learn what makes you relax after a long day
  157. Sit up straight
  158. Change your office chair into something that helps your posture
  159. Take a few minutes everyday to take a deep breath at the office
  160. Learn your limits
  161. Schedule in time to catch up with colleagues
  162. Cultivate and maintain your professional network
  163. Give your LinkedIn a much need update
  164. Clean up your social media
  165. Delete or clean up abandoned social media
  166. Do a quick google search on yourself
  167. Set up google alerts on your name
  168. Set up google alerts on a significant other, coworker, or your company
  169. If you have public social media profiles, consider creating a work friendly one
  170. Consider using social media management sites for personal use as well
  171. Begin reading news for various sources
  172. Find a fun blog to follow
  173. Take an online course for something silly
  174. Take an online course for something useful
  175. Try learning the basics of HTML and CSS
  176. Try hopping on the bandwagon of your cities favorite team
  177. Wake up at sunrise
  178. Try starting Meatless monday at work or your household
  179. Try starting Crock Pot Sundays for your household
  180. Have your office participate in a fun “viral” video this year
  181. Bring treats to the office “just because”
  182. Buy a pizza to share at the office during a particularly busy season
  183. Schedule an office blood drive
  184. Encourage your household to donate blood
  185. Organize an office toy drive
  186. If you have children, clean out old toys
  187. Try reading a book for fun
  188. Try reading a book with a complete opposite view
  189. Host an office video game competition
  190. Go vegetarian for a week
  191. Go Vegan for a week
  192. Track your meals for a week
  193. Watch a comedy or light-hearted movie!
  194. Try making cheesy jokes all day for one day
  195. Have an extra-thrifty month
  196. Cut out caffeine for 14 days
  197. Try making infused water
  198. Plan a Karaoke night!
  199. Learn some self defense
  200. Go to a shooting range
  201. Get an office fish
  202. Purposely smile when you’re angry to calm you down
  203. Force a smile to reduce stress (really!)
  204. Plan an office volleyball game
  205. Plan an office basketball game
  206. Get an office basketball hoop
  207. Schedule a test drive at Tesla and experience self driving
  208. Have a pin the “something” on the “boss” game at work (with their approval!)
  209. Make casual Fridays a thing if they aren’t already
  210. Travel for a cause
  211. Make a monthly bucket list and cross things off
  212. “Unplug” at meals
  213. Wait 5 minutes when you wake up before checking emails
  214. Begin a new tradition at work
  215. Train for a 5k, half marathon, or marathon
  216. Phone your mom more
  217. Know that with a positive attitude this year will be your best yet.

What do you think you’ll try this year? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Erika Aranda is a Community Curator for DeskHub Scottsdale. For questions, comments, or inquiries about the space, please email: erika@deskhub.com.

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