Jan 21 2017

217 Ideas To Try This 2017: Jumpstarting Your Revolution

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For some people, the new year provides the little push we need to start a new hobby, pick up a new routine, or cut out an unbeneficial behaviour. If you’re still racking your brain for a resolution for you or your business, below are 217 ideas to help you jumpstart your resolution: Schedule times to [...]

Jan 16 2017

How Coworking is Revolutionizing the Working World

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What Is Coworking? The working world has kept to the status quo for years--a large space with cubicles, conference rooms, and private offices for those who are lucky. There is nothing stimulating about these spaces, filled with fake plants, old carpet, and appliances that are completely out of date. Why hasn’t anything been done to [...]

Jan 16 2017

How Do Coworking Spaces Work And Are They Fitting For A Small Business?

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Where Do Start Ups Fit In the CoWorking Realm? As startups and small businesses attempt to get off the ground and grow their companies, the use of coworking spaces is becoming a popular option as a proper, temporary workspace. With the allure of free organic coffee, pool tables, lounge chairs, and numerous young business professionals [...]

Nov 23 2016

DeskHub Membership Spotlight: PrintCPG Printing

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Deskhub Scottsdale is proud to present our next member: PrintCPG! PrintCPG is based out of Tucson, Arizona, and DeskHub is home to the PrintCPG’s western regional office. As stated by BenefitMall, “Print CPG has taken a new spin on the traditional printing industry with a commitment to redefining the print industry by continually seeking and [...]

Nov 3 2016

DeskHub Membership Spotlight: IntelligenceBank

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Tell us about IntelligenceBank? IntelligenceBank is an award-winning SaaS platform that helps teams better manage their business processes online.   IntelligenceBank has four niche products:  Digital Asset Management for marketing departments, Board Portals for corporate secretaries, Risk and Compliance Platforms for risk managers and Knowledge Management for teams who want an easy way to share and [...]

Aug 16 2016

Top 10 Blogs for Entrepreneurs to Read Daily

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Small Businesses and Start-Ups all have to start somewhere, right?  With so much information readily available at our fingertips, it creates a great opportunity and also a challenge on where to most effectively spend your time reading.  That’s exactly why we have taken the time to sift through all the noise and compile a list [...]

Mar 22 2016

DeskHub Membership Spotlight: Real World Scholars

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Real World Scholars is a non-profit that works to create authentic learning experiences in classrooms by integrating entrepreneurship into standard curriculum. How did Real World Scholars start? My partner, John K. Cahalin, started this project about 2 or 3 years ago.  He is a chronic entrepreneur and philanthropist. He moved to San Diego and was [...]

Feb 14 2016

DeskHub Membership Spotlight: Introducing SparkFin

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SparkFin has created the first comprehensive mobile screener with the best ideas from top traders and investors. It's a stock market idea machine in your pocket. Users have the potential to go from stock market newbies to sensing the market in just a matter of days. Why are you in this type of business? We [...]

Jan 26 2016

DeskHub Membership Spotlight: Community Boost Consulting

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Community Boost Consulting, and extension of E-Boost Consulting, is a digital marketing consultancy that exists to empower social ventures changing the world. The start-up is committed to sparking and spreading as much positive change as possible. To achieve this, Community Boost Consulting while willing to help a wide range of passionate professionals, primarily provides marketing [...]

Dec 22 2015

DeskHub Member Spotlight: Downtown Condo Guys

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Interview with Branden Matlock with the Downtown Condo Guys How did the Downtown Condo Guys start? Jamie Pullman started the company after he had been selling real estate in downtown San Diego for about five years.  About a year ago Jamie and Miguel Diaz met each other at the Waterfront Park downtown, spending the day [...]

Now Open at the Scottsdale Waterfront