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“DeskHub has served me in many purposes such as collaborating with other like minded people like myself especially people working in the nonprofit sector.”

Charlene Espinoza, Bosh Bosh

“With the diversity of companies at DeskHub you get to meet a lot of people with a lot of different backgrounds and since everyone is sort of at the same stage of building their company, there’s good synergies that occur between companies.”

Daniel Indy, Build Fire

“It’s so cool to be around other creatives and inspired individuals and you can just really feed off that energy and you never know where it is going to take you.”

Jessica Hunter, Chic and Disheveled

“Right after moving in DeskHub became a huge resource for us in our growth efforts. We found that the type of companies here were all in growth mode which creates a really fun energy and a place in which people aren’t afraid to share ideas, brainstorm and even share connections with each other.”

Sebastean Losch, Pledger, LLC