How Coworking is Revolutionizing the Working World

What Is Coworking?

The working world has kept to the status quo for years–a large space with cubicles, conference rooms, and private offices for those who are lucky. There is nothing stimulating about these spaces, filled with fake plants, old carpet, and appliances that are completely out of date.

Shared-office-space-in-san-diegoWhy hasn’t anything been done to change the traditional office space? Is anyone still attached to the conventional ways of working?

Coworking is the solution to the downfalls of traditional work places, revolutionizing the way professionals in every industry are spending their days. In a coworking space, members pay a daily, monthly, or annual fee to use a workspace that has been designed with innovation and collaboration in mind. While coworking, a range of individuals, from freelancers to large corporations, share a space filled with state of the art amenities, different seating styles, and plenty of room for creativity.


Collaboration at its Finest

Scottsdales-coworking-and-office-spacesOne of the major ways that coworking has changed the working world for the better is the collaboration that takes place in these spaces. The people who chose to cowork are professionals in their own right and come ready to share ideas and thoughts with those around them. New ideas are continuously being bounced off of one another, opening up the possibility for collaboration on new projects.

Because so many different industries come together under one roof while coworking, partnerships tend to form in shared spaces. If there is a skill that one person possesses that another needs, it’s easy to work together to execute a task.

DeskHub, the highest rated coworking network, agrees that collaboration is always on the horizon in their San Diego and Scottsdale locations. DeskHub explains that the people who chose to work with their network are like minded, driven and motivated individuals who are open to new opportunities.  


A Stimulating Environment

Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces are designed with everyone’s working preferences in mind. Instead of being stuck behind a cubicle or closed off and isolated in a small room, coworking spaces are open, stimulating environments. With high ceilings and spread out work areas, professionals don’t have to feel trapped throughout their day.

One of the most unique parts about coworking is the different seating styles available in most coworking spaces. There are typically large, open tables, lounge chairs, personal desks, and some locked offices, so people can be comfortable no matter how the prefer to work.


Amenities Like Never Before

Deskhubs-office-space-in-san-diego-and-scottsdaleCoworking spaces are decked out with amenities that typically are lacking in conventional spaces. From print and mail stations to coffee and drink bars, everything that you need comes in a shared space. DeskHub’s San Diego and Scottsdale spaces also feature beautiful outdoor areas for their members to enjoy the year-round perfect weather while they work. This feature is something that most office spaces can’t say that they are equipped with.

Check out the coworking opportunities in your area and find out for yourself the difference shared spaces can have on your professional life.

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