How Do Coworking Spaces Work And Are They Fitting For A Small Business?

Where Do Start Ups Fit In the CoWorking Realm?

coworking-spaces-see-their-work-as-more-meaningfulAs startups and small businesses attempt to get off the ground and grow their companies, the use of coworking spaces is becoming a popular option as a proper, temporary workspace. With the allure of free organic coffee, pool tables, lounge chairs, and numerous young business professionals working away on their laptops, coworking spaces provide many benefits. However, the real advantages of coworking spaces lies underneath the surface.

An article published in the 2015 September issue of the Harvard Business Review found telecommuters who use coworking spaces tend to see their work as more meaningful, feel a greater sense of control over their work, and enjoy the community aspect that coworking spaces provide.

Three benefits of coworking spaces for small businesses

1. Coworking spaces and affordability

As a small business, renting a large office space with a long-term lease is simply not a viable option, at least in the early stages of a company, and with the variety of coworking spaces available, there is a coworking space to fit almost any budget.

Having a private office can be very expensive and its associated costs can be prohibitive for start-ups. Fortunately, coworking spaces are extremely affordable and costs are substantially lower than a typical private office space, appealing to the needs of small business owners.

2. Coworking spaces and convenience

Typical office leasing can take months to get set up. Even when small business owners find a place, they’ll need to negotiate a lease, design a layout, buy furniture, and get all the equipment set up before being able to use the space.

With a coworking space, however, it is already set up and ready to use from day one, complete with desk space, internet, printers, kitchens stocked with a variety of snacks and drinks, meeting rooms, communal areas with couches where workers can take a break before heading back to work, and more. And if something goes wrong, such as the printer jamming, the coworking space has people there to fix it.

In addition, many workspaces come with assigned desks and equipment, so workers do not have to worry about taking their belongings home every night, or using their personal cell phones.

3. Coworking spaces and community

coworking-spaces-help-create-a-sense-of-communityAnother thing that small business owners tend to love about coworking spaces is the community that is formed. This is the perfect setup to allow for networking, and gives business owners the opportunity to help each other out, exchange ideas, and grow their companies. As people come together to work, they are able to form relationships that help to improve, not only their business lives, but their personal lives as well. Some coworking spaces provide events to promote engagement as part of a community, exchange ideas, and have some fun! With coworking spaces, you never know who you’ll meet and with whom you’ll end up collaborating.

What the research says about coworking for small businesses

Coworking spaces continue to play an important role in the success of startups and small businesses. A recent survey conducted by Emergent Research showed the positive effects coworking has on small businesses. Key findings from the survey revealed that coworking members have higher job satisfactions, are more likely to meet other members outside of work for social purposes, are more engaged and motivated when working, have increased professional success, and consider coworking as an important source of work.

In conclusion, coworking spaces provide a sense of community, convenience, and a reduction in expenses, and are great places for small businesses to come together to collaborate and network in a positive work environment. Each coworking space comes with different pros and cons, so it is important that you do your research to find a coworking space that fits your business’ needs.

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