DeskHub Membership Spotlight: Community Boost Consulting

Community Boost Consulting, and extension of E-Boost Consulting, is a digital marketing consultancy that exists to empower social ventures changing the world. The start-up is committed to sparking and spreading as much positive change as possible. To achieve this, Community Boost Consulting while willing to help a wide range of passionate professionals, primarily provides marketing services for businesses in the non-profit sector and social business sector. The team also services the social community on a smaller scale by providing recent graduate interns the skills they need to begin a career in digital marketing.  From web design, to Google AdGrants, to Analytics, the Community Boost team is prepared to empower any game-changing business to make an even bigger difference in the world.

Why was Community Boost Consulting started?

Community Boost exists to empower social ventures changing the world. We started Community Boost because we wanted to wake up every single day, fired up, to help grow organization’s that were committed to making a global impact and positive difference. We realized that if we had to work through life, we wanted to work closest with people that were committed to making the world a better place. From this realization, we all left our respective positions in for profit marketing firms to “use our knowledge for good”. It’s been an absolute pleasure teaching the nonprofit space the leading edge of what’s possible with online marketing. Our goal here is for them (our clients) to change their marketing strategy to view their website as an essential tool to bring in donations and scale their mission, versus just a place to share their story.

What has been the company’s biggest challenge?

Serving the social space can be challenging because many of our purpose-driven clients who are operating with very tight marketing budgets. However, this setback only further motivates us to make sure that we’re showing a positive ROI at an accelerated rate compared to a regular digital marketing agency.

What are you excited about in 2016?

We are gearing up to scale! In the next couple months we’ll be growing in many different ways. We’re in the process of creating informational products in digital marketing for the nonprofit space. This way we can share our knowledge and best practices to social businesses on a grander scale, and in turn, have a larger impact in changing the world. Because of our successes in 2015, we are also looking to hire talented individuals who share a passion in both digital marketing and making a difference.


Who is your perfect client?

A purpose-driven organization, typically driving more than $350k in annual revenue, that has an entrepreneurial mindset and a business model built for scale.

How has DeskHub helped your business?

DeskHub has helped our business by exposing us to other amazing people who are accomplishing great things in life. The space offers an environment where you’re surrounded by brilliant, and creative individuals who are working on growing their own businesses. Each person at DeskHub brings something unique to the table.

What’s your favorite thing about DeskHub?

Our favorite thing about DeskHub is the community! DeskHub is filled with amazing people who are all motivated and accomplishing great things in their lives. Everyone who works out of DeskHub is ambitious, hardworking and a lot of fun to be around. It’s inspiring to come in everyday and to see everyone working hard on scaling up the ventures of their dreams.  

What’s your favorite thing to do in San Diego?

Sunsets, beach, beers, surfing, soccer, or wakeboarding… It really depends on whom you ask from our team. We love our quarterly team BBQ that we do at the beach!


What’s your favorite local brewery?

We like Stone Brewery for the bocce ball (Matt and Chandler as a team are undefeated). But we would have to give our favorite local brewery award to Ballast Point for their undeniably awesome location, right next door to DeskHub San Diego.

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