DeskHub Membership Spotlight: IntelligenceBank

Tell us about IntelligenceBank?

IntelligenceBank is an award-winning SaaS platform that helps teams better manage their business processes online.   IntelligenceBank has four niche products:  Digital Asset Management for marketing departments, Board Portals for corporate secretaries, Risk and Compliance Platforms for risk managers and Knowledge Management for teams who want an easy way to share and manage information.

Some of our clients include KFC, Baptist Health, Carlsberg, Two Roads, Concordia University, Texas Department of Aging, Durango Tourism and Good Feet.


All of our products help businesses streamline their processes by putting online files and data into a system, vs. having people work with information stored on shared drives or spreadsheets.  Ultimately, we save people time, businesses money and make people’s ‘work-life’ easier.

What are the Challenges you are trying to overcome?

IntelligenceBank is in hyper growth mode, so our biggest challenges at the moment are finding great people, and maintaining our amazing corporate culture as we continue to grow.

What’s your biggest achievement?

Our biggest achievement by far is successfully launching into the US market.  In 2009, IntelligenceBank was founded in Melbourne, Australia, and over the past 2.5 years, our US presence has literally exploded with almost half of our client base coming from North America.  Specifically, our Digital Asset Management and GRC platforms have really taken off in the US market and we have only scratched the surface.

When considering locations, we definitely needed to be on the West Coast to be in a relevantly convenient time zone to Melbourne, Australia.  Environment and talent were also important in that we needed an accessible city with a great tech talent pool.  As the IntelligenceBank brand is all about the sun, San Diego has been a perfect fit for us.

Why did you choose Deskhub?

We chose Deskhub for three reasons:

  1. It’s in the best location in San Diego – Little Italy is quaint, accessible and has a great vibe.
  2. The management are wonderful and accommodating.
  3. As IntelligenceBank is in a hyper-growth mode, Deskhub allows us to easily scale up as required.


What’s your best hidden secret in San Diego?

It would have to be the new market at Herb and Wood in Little Italy – it has the best casual lunch in town.  Taco Tuesday’s at the Waterfront would be a close second.  And of course, the surf shop next door to Deskhub has amazing surfboards and we love their socks.

Where can we find you?

IntelligenceBank is at Deskhub and you can find us online at

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