DeskHub Membership Spotlight: Local Lawyer Guide

Deskhub Scottsdale is proud to present Local Lawyer Guide, the next company in our weekly member spotlight. Local Lawyer Guide is a national video production, marketing, and advertising agency for attorneys. They produce video for attorneys using their studio network, which consists of over 35 locations nationwide. The company then uploads their videos to Local Lawyer Guide, which in turn allows consumers to “Search, Watch, and Hire” attorneys in their local area. The company also provides online video advertising services to attorneys who are interested in targeting their ideal clients through “demographics, geographics, contextual, and behavioral elements.”

Local Lawyer Guide was founded in 2012 by Chris Hildebrand and Tighe Wilhelmy. They were the second company to move into Deskhub Scottsdale, and have been a part of the space for 9 months. We spoke with Co-founder Tighe Wilhelmy about his experience beginning Local Lawyer Guide and working here at Deskhub.

D: Give us a brief overview of how or why you started Local Lawyer Guide.
T: There are two sides to why we started our company. From an attorney’s perspective, there are limited ways by which they can effectively generate new clients. We wanted to create a way by which they could genuinely find clients online. From a consumer’s perspective, we felt there weren’t many options for them to find and get to know an attorney before having to pay for consultations. Most options out there consist of directories with a picture and autobiography; the traditional method doesn’t  allow consumers to connect to the attorney. My business partner is an attorney and I came in from the consumer oriented side of that equation, so between the two of us we tried to create a service both sides would find attractive.

D: How did you guys find yourselves here at Deskhub?
T: Our sublease was ending so we had to make a decision. As a start up we had to keep cost and commissions low. Deskhub establishing themselves here was perfect timing. I know that sounds cheesy, but it really is true. I think we were one of the first companies here when Deskhub started.

D: Yeah you guys were the second company to move in! Bob with Wyndelts & Co. beat you to it. So what stage would you say your company is in?
T: We’re transitioning from a start-up to a small business.

D: What would you say is the most exciting thing happening with Local Lawyer Guide right now?
T: The website is really taking off from the standpoint that consumers can now come to it and search, watch, and learn different aspects of the law. These videos cover topics such as divorce, estate planning, etc. All of these videos are offered for free.

D: Can you describe your company culture in five words or phrases?
T: Self motivated, hard working, fun loving, laid back, and project oriented.

D:  As an entrepreneurial venture, how has working in a coworking space like DeskHub affected you as a growing company?
T: Let me just say that being here has not negatively impacted us in any way. We originally had concerns about working in a communicable spaces in that it would create noise or distractions. When working with attorneys there needs to be a serious approach; we work in the corner of the office where it’s quieter. So I can say that for our company, being here has really worked for us.

D: Would you recommend it to other startups?
T: Yeah! Absolutely. One big reason being that as a startup, you gotta keep your costs as low as possible.  Here we have more flexibility and are able to control how long we reside at Deskhub. It wouldn’t be a good idea to lease something for a long period of time when you’re starting out.

D: What has been your most memorable moment here at Deskhub?
T:  That’s a tough one. Every day something big is going on.  

D: Thank you so much! Last question, do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

T: Stay as lean as possible and really hire people who understand what a start up is truly about. You’re going to be put in positions where you are out of your comfort zone and you have to work through it, so you have to surround yourself with people who are willing to do the same.

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