DeskHub Membership Spotlight: PrintCPG Printing

Deskhub Scottsdale is proud to present our next member: PrintCPG! PrintCPG is based out of Tucson, Arizona, and DeskHub is home to the PrintCPG’s western regional office. As stated by BenefitMall, “Print CPG has taken a new spin on the traditional printing industry with a commitment to redefining the print industry by continually seeking and finding better solutions for themselves and their clients.”

We spoke with Haris Heldic, Director of Marketing at Print CPG, about his experience working for PrintCPG at DeskHub.

Q & A with Print CPG’s Haris Heldic

D: Give us a brief overview of how you found yourself here at DeskHub.

H: Well we were looking to expand into the Phoenix market and we really liked the culture and environment in Scottsdale in particular. We found DeskHub which is located right by Old Town Scottsdale and thought it would be a great fit!

D: Oh awesome. So are you originally from here?

H: I am from here yes, but the company is based in Tucson.

D: In your opinion, has PrintCPG gotten a warm reception here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area?

H: Oh yeah. Gabe (our DeskHub AZ Chief Community Curator) got us involved in a couple organizations and he made a couple of really good introductions.

D: What would you say is the most exciting thing happening with PrintCPG in Phoenix right now?

H: Well we just finished our brand relaunch, so right now we are trying to generate activity for sales by pushing the new brand, while also pushing doing some content marketing that we held off on doing in the meantime. The whole process has been exciting because we get to finally start implementing and executing on stuff that we’ve been holding off on until the brand relaunch.

D: Can you describe the company culture in a few words or phrases?

H: Dynamic, Innovative, Fun, Very team-oriented, Creative and…Resourceful.

D: In your opinion, does coworking work for you?

H: For this particular office it really does. It’s really valuable to us to have no commitment to a lease.

D: Would you recommend DeskHub to other businesses expanding?

H: Yes! Definitely. It’s a great place to get started, make sure things are rolling, etc. It allows you to get your feet wet, make sure you have a stable business structure in place first, and then work on expanding and growing.

D: What is your favorite thing about DeskHub?

H: The environment. There are a lot of great companies starting up so you have a lot of good ideas going around and it’s great to see seeing people running around hustling.

D: Last question, what has been your most memorable moment here at Deskhub?

H: Getting a chance to see our CEO speak at another Deskhub location.

Learn More About Print CPG

PrintCPG is always offering free consultations for businesses who want to add print to their marketing mix. Their consultations focus on solving solutions, whether it’s being a print partner to a marketing solutions provider. To learn more, visit, call 1 (877) 742- 0707 or email


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