DeskHub Membership Spotlight: Wyndelts & Co.

Wyndelts & Co

Deskhub Scottsdale is proud to present the next company in our weekly membership spotlight, Wyndelts & Company.  Robert Wyndelt was Deskhub’s very first member, moving in the day Deskhub opened its doors.  In addition to working and managing his firm, Robert serves as the Professor Emeritus for the Masters of Taxation program at Arizona State University. While at ASU, he taught disciplines as Corporate Tax, Taxation of Real Estate Transactions, Taxation of Closely Held Businesses and Taxes and Business Strategy.

He and his associates have the knowledge and resources necessary to assist clients with a broad range of services, from “individual tax compliance and tax planning” to “supporting a growing business.”  More specifically, these services include:

  • negotiating business acquisitions and dispositions
  • providing expert testimony
  • litigation support
  • succession planning
  • organizing business form structure
  • tax research
  • asset protection
  • structuring tax and business aspects of real estate transactions

Robert, often referred to as Bob, has a variety of clients and has worked extensively with startups. We spoke to Robert Wyndelt and Bob’s assistant about their experiences with Wyndelts & Co. here at Deskhub.

D:  How has working in a coworking space like DeskHub worked for Wyndelts?

T: Working here really gets us out of our heads because being in this profession has us attached to our computers all day. Honestly, I don’t think we would’ve had a chance to meet as many people in such an array of fields if we didn’t work here at Deskhub.

D: What has been your most memorable moment here at Deskhub?

T: The happy hour – I met some incredibly gifted entrepreneurs and people. The happy hour gave me a chance to meet and talk to other people because I’m fairly new to arizona.

D: What has been your experience working with startups or new business ventures, whether here at Deskhub or elsewhere?

R: They’re a lot of fun!  I enjoy the energy of the startup entrepreneurs.

T: Desk hub has been really fun. Everyone is moving towards the same general goal, which is to better the community or better themselves. It’s been really great.

D: Bob, you were Deskhub’s very first member. Can you provide any insight with regards to where Deskhub was when you first moved in, versus where it is now?

R: Easy question. They were quiet, now they’re jamming.

D: Very cool. You’ve worked with a lot of startups here in Arizona. Where do you think the startup ecosystem here in AZ is in terms of growth?

R:  It’s in its early stages, growing, becoming more sophisticated.  The startup community, like Arizona, is warm and receptive.

D: Thank you so much! Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

R: Hire a quality CPA, hire a quality attorney.

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