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Small Business Co-Working

small-business-girl-workingOwning a small business is not an easy feat, especially today when big business runs the show. Every component in the business, big or small, is hugely important in the overall success of the company. Some factors, however, just may be the difference in taking a small business to the next level.

Having a workplace where employees feel comfortable and supported is one key factor to a prosperous business. Traditional office spaces can not only hinder ingenuity, but often become dull. They offer little room for collaboration and are pricey with high overhead costs.

If your work environment is not suiting the needs of your business and you need more of things such as collaboration and interaction with like minded individuals, shared office spaces are the solution to your problem. Open offices create a work environment made for creativity, in fact 71% of shared office users report a boost in creativity in a recent study. For a freelancer or small business owner, an increase in creativity could mean a lot more money in your company’s pocket.

Shared office spaces include several perks, one of such being able to work at anytime of the day. Actually, only around 30% of collaborative office members say they prefer to work during normal business hours. This freedom to work whenever works best for you and your schedule takes a great deal of stress out of working, relaxing the workspace and making it a place for creativity and productivity.

Coworking office spaces are the future of the business world and have proven so. Having the option to consult with and share ideas with other like minded business owners and freelancers gives you the chance to bring different ideas and opinions into how you do your work and could expand your business more than you ever dreamed.

Networking is made possible like never before through coworking. There is no better way to expand your inner circle than to be working closely with hardworking, determined individuals who all desire a common goal. Collaborations with future employees may take your business to a level you never thought possible.

Owning and running your own office space is stressful, not to mention the outrageous cost of having a functional space. Whether it be the overhead price of equipment or continued fees for maintenance, owning a workplace is not easy. Shared spaces cut down greatly on the cost of a workplace, while preserving the quality of a conventional office. The benefits include:

  • Reduced Overhead
  • No Long-Term Lease
  • Collaborative Atmosphere
  • Print Stations
  • Wireless Access
  • Various Seating Arrangements
  • Storage Space

No matter what you are looking for out of your office experience, coworking will be a viable option for both you and your employees. The connections made via shared spaces can be the difference between moving your business forward or settling for the ordinary.

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